Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

In the United States, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month is held every March. The goal of this month is to educate people about MS, its symptoms, and how to deal with it. MS is a chronic disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It can cause problems with muscle control, vision, balance, and thinking. Most people with MS start to experience symptoms between the ages of 20 and 40. However, it can affect people of any age. There is no known cure for MS, but there are treatments that can help control its symptoms. If you think you might have MS, it’s important to see a doctor right away. Early diagnosis and treatment is key. Here are some common symptoms associated with MS that you need to be aware of. 

  • Vision problems: Blurred vision, double vision, and difficulty seeing in dark or bright light are all common symptoms of MS.
  • Balance issues: Many people with MS have trouble balancing themselves. This can lead to falls and other accidents.
  • Muscle control problems: Muscles can become weak, stiff, or spastic. This can make it difficult to walk, move, and do everyday activities.
  • Cognitive problems: MS can cause problems with memory, thinking, and problem solving.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor right away. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for MS, but there are treatments that can help control its symptoms. With early diagnosis and treatment, many people with MS lead healthy, happy lives. For more information on MS, please visit the National MS Society website at physicians and staff at Bay Area Family Physicians appreciate the opportunity to provide your medical services. We want to strengthen communication between our office and you, our patients. As specialists in Family Medicine, we focus on primary care needs for patients of all ages – from newborns to the elderly. We diagnose and treat almost all medical conditions. Ideally, your entire family will see the same doctor, allowing both you and your doctor to establish a close, trusting relationship. Contact us today for more information!