A primary care doctor is an important part of your personal health care team. Finding one who aligns with your personality and medical wishes can make the difference in your healthcare experience. But, how do you pick the right one? You might be feeling lost and just call the first provider you see near you or the first on your approved insurance list. But, taking some time to choose the RIGHT doctor will be worth the time investment. Here are some tips for finding the right primary care physician for you and your family.

Invision your provider

Take a few moments to picture how your ideal primary care doctor looks, sounds, and acts. What is their gender? What is their communication style? How about their bedside manner? What do they typically treat? Do they have a specialty? Do you need a family provider? 

What is the office like? 

The office can play a big part in your satisfaction with your doctor. Do they offer same-day appointments? How far away are they? Do you want to stick with a certain health system? Do they have online appointment capabilities? Telehealth?

Ask a friend!

Talk to your network or a health advisor about the type of doctor you’re looking for. Someone with real world experience with a provider may have a great recommendation for someone who fits your needs!

Don’t forget insurance

When you have a few names of potential doctors on your list, contact your insurance company’ to see if any of those doctors are covered under your insurance plan. 

Meet the doctor

Schedule an appointment and get to know the doctor. Make sure they meet your needs and that you feel comfortable with them helping you to make health decisions for you or your family. It can take a few tries to land on the right one. Go back to your list and try another. Once you find the right fit, the time spent will be worth it!

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