On Site Medical Services:

For your convenience we are equipped to perform a number of procedures in our office to help diagnose your condition as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We are able to perform most necessary diagnostic tests and get test results with 24 hours. We maintain state-of-the-art equipment. Our lab and x-ray facilities are state inspected and federally certified through CLIA.


Medical Services

Annual Physicals
Sports Physicals
Preventative Health Services
Management of Diabetes
Management of High Blood Pressure
Management of High Cholesterol
Management of Arthritis
Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
Cardiovascular Testing (including stress testing and echocardiography)
Genetically Inherited Disease Screening
Laceration Wound Repair
Pulmonary Function Testing
Cortisone shots for painful joints and back

Women's Health Care

Pregnancy test
Family planning
Pap smears

Office Based Medical Care

Repair of lacerations (cuts in skin)
Excision of benign skin lesions (warts, growths, lesions in skin)
Excision of malignant (cancerous) skin lesions
Biopsy of unusual rashes, moles or lesions
Skin Tag removal
Warts (body and genital)
Partial or full nail removal for fungus in ingrown toe nail
Rapid flu test
Weight Loss Management
Allergy testing through blood test




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